Building a Family Through Third-party Reproduction: Embryo Adoption

Every family building journey is different and some couples and single parents choose embryo donation as their way to parenting. Embryo donation gives parents who might not be able to conceive a child on their own a chance to have the family they always dreamed about. It is becoming a more common solution for people who have struggled with IVF, had multiple miscarriages, or that risk transmitting genetic issues to their children. 

Those who donate their embryos can remain anonymous or they can be known. Either way, there are a few psychological factors to consider for those who are considering embryo adoption to start their family. 

With that in mind, we can look at a few of those factors to answer some questions you might have about how the process works and what you can expect. 

The Emotional Aspect of Third-Party Reproduction

No matter how much you want a child of your own, there are some obvious emotional ties to going through a donor that cannot be ignored.

For one thing, you may still be dealing with the emotions of infertility while going through the process of using someone else’s embryos. Additionally, you will have to face conversations with family members who may not understand. You will hear about medical risks and statistics. And if you want to know who your donor is, it can add another layer of emotional distress.

You are taking a leap of faith when you choose embryo adoption. And there are still things that could happen. There are no guarantees in any type of conception.  It is important to allow yourself time to grieve any losses you may have already experienced and the loss of a possibility of having a biological child.  Whether you had miscarried or you have never been able to conceive, it is okay to be upset about those losses.In this case loss of a desired pregnancy is also a loss.  Going through the grieving process can make it possible for you to move forward and build your family and parent your child.

How to Work Through Those Emotional Struggles

Parenting will cause a lot of emotions to come to the surface. However, using an embryo donation, as noted previously, might cause even more. So, what can you do to work through those emotions?

First, think about where you have been on your journey to conceive. What brought you to where you are right now? And what caused you to make this decision? When you feel confident about your decision and what led you to it, you will be less likely to second-guess yourself or worry if you have made the right choice. 

Second, talk to someone. Remember, though, while family and friends are always a great, built-in support group, you may need to expand your horizons when it comes to the people you talk to about this particular area of life. Try reaching out to others who have used embryo donation. Ask about their experience. A support group might be a good place to find support and community. While everyone goes through slightly different experiences, learning from others can help to alleviate some of your worries and stress. 

Lastly, it is also a good idea to speak with a mental health professional if you need additional support.

If you are considering using embryo donation to conceive and you feel as though you are on a roller coaster of emotions, feel free to contact me. Together, we can discuss how you are feeling throughout the process and what you can do to make the most of it. 

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