Feb 20, 2024 | Postpartum

Postpartum Recovery During the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Challenges of Isolation and Anxiety

Having a baby is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration. While nothing can change that, there is no denying that those who have children during the COVID-19 pandemic have had (and will continue to have) less-than-normal experiences. 

There have been so many challenges associated with this pandemic. If you have been pregnant through it, you have likely already experienced some of them first-hand.

You may have had fewer doctor’s appointments than normal. Perhaps your spouse or partner could not come with you. And you may have also missed out on the traditional celebrations associated with having a child, like a baby shower. 

But, for all of the losses you may have had to face during your pregnancy, postpartum recovery can be just as difficult. 

Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum recovery begins as soon as you deliver your child. For many women, that means from the moment your baby is born in the hospital.

Unfortunately, many hospitals across the country still have strict rules and regulations in place. For some, that could mean not allowing visitors.

Grandparents, friends, and family members may not get to stop by to see the baby or provide their support. And even if the hospital allows your partner to be there, that atmosphere can set a tone of loneliness and isolation before you even get home. 

Making Decisions at Home

Though many states have started to re-open and go through different phases in order to keep people safe, this virus among us. In fact, there could be even greater risks now that fewer people are social distancing and staying home. 

As a new parent, you may feel immediately overwhelmed by the anxiety of making decisions once you get home. You have to decide whether to let family members visit or accept help from anyone. How to talk to family members who do not share your concerns. How to manage without outside help like postpartum doula or a nanny.

Obviously, the most important thing is to keep your baby safe and healthy. But it may be at the cost of your own emotions and fears. How to find balance?

Being There for Everyone

Another source of anxiety may come from your desire to be there for everyone in this stage of life. Family members and friends will likely be disappointed if they cannot come to see you and the baby. You may feel as though you have to cater to their feelings as well as your own, your partner’s, and your child’s. 

It is a lot for anyone to carry on their own, especially when you desperately want interaction and support. 

The most important thing to remember throughout the rest of this pandemic is that you are not alone. Though it may feel like it at times, so many women have already gone through this situation, and many more will before the pandemic is over.

That may not feel comforting now, but there is relief in a shared experience. And it opens the opportunity for you to reach out online to different support groups and connect with women who have already experienced the anxiety and loneliness that comes from having a baby during Pandemic.

If you are really struggling with postpartum recovery during these trying times, please contact me to see how I can help.

Finding your strength and learning to manage your feelings of anxiety will help you to keep your focus where it needs to be. It will also allow you to think about the bigger picture, and have a better understanding that this situation is not forever. 

Become What You Are Meant To Be.

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